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What's it about?

The Project Based Learning Program will be a key component in advancing Fintech innovation and real-world delivery to accelerate Fintech learning, leadership, collaboration, and networking.


Objectives & Goals

  • Practical real-world learning and delivery outside the classroom to prepare students for their future Fintech careers.
  • Bringing theory and practice together to have a truly impactful and hands-on learning approach to drive innovation in Fintech.
  • Enable project sponsors to coach, interact, and enable the Fintech leaders of the future.


Who Should Attend?


Students, both Graduate & Undergraduate, who are passionate about learning & solving real challenges


Startups who are interested in working with top innovative talent


Financial Institutions who want to support high potential students to work on important company projects.

Timing: January 2022

The what

The Power of Project Based Learning

Learning does not stop once students leave the classroom, and more than ever, students need to be prepared not only for their first job, but for their careers and lives for years to come. It is imperative for students, Financial Institutions, Startups, and educators alike that we implement project-based learning in Fintech. Doing so will be crucial in elevating Fintech education, its outcomes, and impact on the ever-changing, fast paced, global challenges we face. Bringing theory and practice together will allow a truly impactful and hands-on learning approach to drive innovation in Fintech.


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