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What's it about?

Leading financial services companies, startups, and universities based in Massachusetts will host a series of Fintech Career Fairs to help attract and retain top talent across the state.


Objectives & Goals

  • Provide awareness to University/College students and faculty as well as employees at corporations on what Fintech really is
  • Promote collaboration, networking and potential job opportunities
  • Enhance relationships between the Academia and Corporations

The who & why

Who Should Attend?


Financial Institutions who are interested in meeting & hiring top innovative talent.


Start-ups who are interested in meeting & hiring top 
innovative talent.


Graduate & Undergraduate Students who are looking to explore Fintech Career opportunities

Timing: March & September

The what

Meet, Learn and Network

Massachusetts has some of the top Academic & Financial Institutions in the world as well as a thriving entrepreneurial community. The Fintech Career Fair will allow students to meet, learn and network with key Financial Institutions & Startups to help launch their careers in Fintech.


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