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What's it about?

We provide an expert based platform to structure, discuss and present ideas on financial regulatory or compliance issues arising from greater integration of technology in financial services.


Objectives & Goals

To create a unique collaborative learning environment that adds value for the whole Fintech ecosystem. By having Fintech experts come together across Academia, Financial Services Industry, State & Federal Regulators, Investors, and Startups to exchange ideas, innovations and knowledge to advance Fintech.

  • Shorten “time-to-market” for Fintech startups by fast-tracking regulatory compliance issues in their business models.

  • Early access to and ability to inform academic research in finance and financial regulation, that may ultimately inform state and federal regulatory policy.

  • Access to latest research and policy evaluations in financial services from academic experts.

  • Ability to participate in unique discussions with Fintech experts around financial regulatory and compliance issues.

  • To learn rapidly together in a controlled, measured, and agile manner with evidence-based pilots to then drive
    well-ordered scalability.


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Who Should Attend?


To access latest research and policy evaluations related to Fintech and financial services from leading academic experts and provide insights for financial policy for sustainable innovation in financial services.


To fast-track sustainable innovation and incorporate complex financial regulatory issues from the get-go.


To participate in the latest Fintech innovations and gain access to academic research quickly.

State and Federal Regulators

To learn about the latest Fintech and other developments in financial services and influence development of effective regulation.

The what

Converting Regulatory Challenges to Opportunities

The Fintech Exchange will fast-track responsible innovation with an eye towards expanding financial inclusion and equity, supported by expert feedback and evidence-based pilots.


Difficult & Costly for Start Ups:

Staying ahead of critical issues about the regulatory environment and understanding regulatory compliance of different regulatory bodies start-ups may need to interact with at the State and Federal level.


Time-Consuming for Financial Institutions:

  • Opportunities to research, connect, and advise across the Fintech ecosystem on financial innovation, while limiting regulatory hurdles.
  • Stay abreast of the latest research analyzing financial markets and quick access to evaluate and commercialize academic research on a national level.


Challenging for Regulators:

  • Encouraging Startups to reach out to Regulators early to validate that their business models are compliant with regulatory constraints.
  • Keeping up with evolving innovations and better understanding the latest research and developments in financial technology.