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A close-knit, but diverse network of technologists, financial experts, academics, capital providers

We have a strong and inclusive network to lean on.


A welcoming community providing access to partners across the Fintech ecosystem

While our relationships are strong, we remain open to new voices, ideas, and leadership to help us progress.


Enabling innovators to build their ideas into successful businesses

We provide resources to entrepreneurs to build their businesses and offer guidance to help them scale.


New ideas, new solutions, and new ways of working are encouraged and embraced

We believe that entrepreneurs and innovators should not be bound by anything but the quality of their ideas.

The Team

Mass Fintech Hub was created by a collaborative and cross-disciplinary working group.

We are bringing Fintech leaders together...

Fintech Working Group

We are proud that our Fintech Working Group is supported by some of the most established, innovative and esteemed organizations in the ecosystem.