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The Mass Fintech Hub is really excited to be participating in Boston Fintech Week for the third consecutive year, happening October 10 through 13. Presented by Fintech Sandbox in collaboration with the wider Massachusetts fintech community – including ourselves – this action-packed week brings together industry leaders and emerging fintechs from around the world. Join us in Boston, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to forge meaningful connections with the investors, innovators and entrepreneurs co-creating fintech’s future.

Looking back

Before we share info on what we have in store for you this year, let’s take a quick look back at our programming for the Boston Fintech Week 2022, and the amazing results it led to:

Angel Investing Mini-Workshop: ClassRebel CEO Brooke Harley led Angel 101, an interactive mini course teaching attendees the basics of Angel Investing. This event also launched our Mass Fintech Hub Angel Investor programming aimed at boosting early stage startup investment in the Commonwealth.

“This is not a theoretical course – it’s practical and hands-on,” explains Siobhan Dullea, a founding member of Mass Fintech Hub who attended Angel 101. “It provides tools to help you understand equity value even before valuation. Attendees learn very specific advice on how to create an investment thesis and negotiate for equity in exchange for advice.”

The results: Nearly 40 inquiring minds have taken the course to learn how to become an angel investor, and we’ve subsequently hosted two angel investor community meetups. The course has also achieved an Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100, signifying complete satisfaction by those who have participated.

Mass Fintech Hub Career Fair: Leading industry partners and startups networked with over 300 students from the Commonwealth’s academic institutions with the aim of helping them to jumpstart their fintech careers.

The results: Over 80 percent of surveyed students expressed interest in attending a similar event in the future, with more than 500 students registering for our subsequent career fair (which we held in March).

Mass Fintech Hub Fintech Forum: Collaborating to Improve the User Experience: A panel of distinguished leaders from Citizens, Reading Cooperative Bank and leading MA startups unpacked the crucial role that partnerships and collaboration between enterprises and fintechs play in driving the improvement of user experience.

The results: Since the Fintech Forum, we’ve continued to foster collaboration between financial institutions and startups. This includes hosting a banking event in March 2023, and a startup pitch event in June 2023 (in collaboration with the Mass Bankers Association at their Innovation Summit). We’re now working to build collaborations with LIMRA and other leading industry groups.

Looking ahead

We’re planning on making an even bigger splash at this year’s Boston Fintech Week by hosting four must-attend events:

Massachusetts Fintech Ecosystem Highlights Luncheon* (Tuesday October 10, 12-1:30 p.m.): Here’s the big kickoff! Hearing from leaders at Mass Fintech Hub, Fintech Sandbox, and Mass Tech Collaborative, attendees will get an exclusive update on the state of the Massachusetts fintech ecosystem, its strengths and opportunities – as determined by a forthcoming KPMG study. This is a must if you want a comprehensive understanding of our community, how it was created, its future, and the exciting ways in which you can potentially participate in it. *This event is invite only. Request an invite here.

On the Brink: Fintech Bootcamp (Tuesday October 10, 2-5 p.m. at the Boston Federal Reserve): Our fourth bootcamp aims to accelerate the career goals of college and university students from Massachusetts (and beyond). Industry experts – including from Fidelity, Eastern Bank, MassMutual, Citizens, M&T Bank, BankProv, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Mass Tech Collaborative and more – will be sharing invaluable insights about the transformative possibilities of generative AI and crypto. Register here.

From Fintech Operator to Angel Investor: Navigating Your Path (Friday October 13, 10-11 a.m. at the Boston Federal Reserve): Be sure to attend this fireside chat between Salient Ventures’ Diane Hessan and Eastern Bank’s Ashley Eknaian. Whether you are interested in becoming an angel Investor or want to understand how they operate so you can perfect your pitch as a Start-up founder, or whether you want to get a sense of other ways you can support fintech startups in Boston, you won't want to miss this session! Register here.

Fintech Forum: The Future of Insurance Innovation (Friday, October 13, 12-1:30p.m. at the Boston Federal Reserve): What does it take to successfully implement an innovation agenda in the insurance sector? The rockstars of Massachusetts’ budding insurtech ecosystem – LIMRA’s Kartik Sakthivel, MassMutual’s John Rugel, Surround Insurance’s Kate Terry, and Advisor360’s Richard Napolitano – will share practical advice, giving you the lowdown on best practice (and the pitfalls to avoid!). Register here.

Don’t miss out!

We hope you’ll join us at Boston Fintech Week for these inspiring, empowering and insightful events. They’re a great way to be immersed in Massachusetts’ thriving fintech community, and gain a deeper sense of the many opportunities it offers.

Get in touch if you have queries or are interested in becoming a member of the Mass Fintech Hub.

For more details on Boston Fintech Week 2023, and its events, check out its website.

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