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What's it about?

The CFB teaches the fundamentals of Fintech. Students who complete the class will receive official Commonwealth Fintech Bootcamp Certificates. Our primary goals are to give students a firm understanding of Fintech and raise their awareness of Fintech opportunities in Massachusetts.


Why Get Involved?

  • Help students develop an understanding of and passion for Fintech
  • Raise awareness of Fintech employment opportunities in Massachusetts
  • Encourage students to pursue Fintech-related educational tracks at higher education institutions in Massachusetts
  • Create a standard CFB curriculum and course materials so that the class can be given to more people and in more locations throughout Massachusetts


Who Should Attend?


Students, specifically incoming college freshmen.

Timing: Launching in Fall 2021

The what

The Bootcamp’s objectives

The CFB’s objectives include:

Encourage diversity

By developing non-traditional sources and locations of Fintech talent, we will seek students with diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Retain university talent

The CFB will expose students to Fintech opportunities in Massachusetts.

Improve Fintech knowledge and access for experienced talent

Although the pilot will target students, we will design subsequent CFBs to also target more experienced talent.


Can I take part?

A potential bootcamp student should be:

  • A legal resident of Massachusetts and the United States
  • Low-income (verified via an existing financial-aid application such as Pel)
  • An incoming freshman at a university or college in Massachusetts


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