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Fintech, or the application of new technologies and business models in financial services, promises to lower costs and increase financial inclusion. This could allow many of the world’s most economically disadvantaged to prosper. A prerequisite for a healthy fintech ecosystem is a legal and regulatory environment that enables disruptive new business models to thrive. At the same time, policy-makers and regulatory bodies are responsible for protecting consumers from risky propositions and outright scams while minimizing the systemic risk and unintended consequences that financial innovations can create. Decentralized technologies like cryptocurrencies, for example, challenge lawmakers because there is no controlling party and national borders are irrelevant.

This webinar will explore how policy impacts fintech innovation. We will highlight the implications for the financial services industry and discuss how policy-makers worldwide have attempted to strike the right balance of fostering innovation while reducing risk.


Register Here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_DxInwoasR06iaoGfTHWCAw


Wednesday, 5th October 2022 -