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The Fintech Innovation Lab annual cohort applications will be opening Oct 25th through Dec 1.

FY23 areas of priority focus include:

* Blockchain: Digital assets, distributed ledger technology, crypto solutions, decentralized finance, embedded finance and insurance, and multi-party computation;
* Data: Alternative and synthetic data, predictive analytics, AI-based insights, unstructured data, new data sources, and data privacy;
* Digital Client Engagement: Client acquisition, experience and retention; product customization; and experience personalization;
* Future of Work: Talent sourcing, onboarding, engagement and retention; virtual and hybrid workplaces; and organizational management;
* Inclusion & Diversity: Financial wellness and inclusion (un- and under-banked), internal diversity, and inclusion tools;
* Payments: Global commerce, Forex transaction, and infrastructure modernization;
* Metaverse/Web 3.0: Customer experience, business applications, marketing and branding, smart contracts, digital twins, virtual inspections, and e-commerce enablement;
* Regulatory and Compliance: Automation, risk assessment, fraud management in insurance, digital identity and security solutions, and records management; and
* Sustainability: Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG); carbon solutions; risk identification, reporting and mitigation; sustainable investment; and education solutions.

Applicants can be from anywhere. Interested applicants can apply through the referral link here.




Friday, 11th November 2022 - Thursday, 1st December 2022